Professional Makeup Course

2 Weak Course

  • Product knowledge and table setting
  • Importance of face routine of cleansers, wipes & toners
  • Basic knowledge about Moisturizers and eye creams
  • Types of Brushes & their use
  • Types and use of sponges, powder puffs, beauty blenders
  • Types of concealers
  • Type of different foundations
  • Type of different skin tones
  • How to choose the right foundation shade
  • How to properly apply foundation and blend
  • Application of powder 
  • Contouring the face
  • Eyebrows filling and shaping
  • Application of eyeliner according to the eye shapes
  • Application of mascara
  • Application of blush
  • Highlighting and contouring (professional way)
  • Application of lip liner
  • Different ways of applying lipstick       
  • Fixing makeup
  • How to clean dirty brushes
  • Makeup products care

Rs. 40000/- only

Grooming Course for Women

3 Days Course

Wardrobe Management

Personal Makeup and Hair-styling

Dressing and color combination consultation

Rs. 12000/- only

Grooming Course for Men

3 Day Course

Styling Consultation

Dressing and color combination consultation

Personal Shopping Guidance

Wardrobe Management

Online assistance for shopping

Rs. 20000/-