Terms and Conditions-

Please read the terms before hiring for convenience of client and as well as makeup artist

Travelling Charges will be INR 500 Extra within 5 Km and INR 1000 Extra till 15 Km.

Travelling time will be considered before taking the booking, delay due to traffic will not be our responsibility.

We offer a discount of 10% on all the charges if you book us for three or more events or for complete wedding event

  • 50% Deposit is required to hold your date, and the remainder is to be paid on the date of the event. Deposit once paid is non-refundable. Refunds, if any will be made on circumstantial basis only Make-up trials are chargeable, and non refundable.
  • The price quoted is for the make-up and hairstyling, Draping only. All other services, like hair wash and blow drying, face cleansing, nail polish application, etc. are chargeable.
  • Waiting Charges are Extra in case two occasions have gap of two hours. Consider the timing gap and you will be charged accordingly.
  • Early Morning Charges will be extra. If makeup artist needs to reach the location before 8 am , will be considered morning time. INR 1000 is to be included in the final bill.
  • Client has to pay in cash by the end of the service or by imps immediately after service is availed.
  • Client needs to respect the makeup artist timings. Timing confirmed while booking will not be changed twice as in case of back to back booking other clients suffer. Make sure you have the final coordinating time with makeup artist.
  • Accessories, if any like hair accessory, bindis, bangles etc. will have to be provided by the client. We will be able to provide the accessories if informed to us while making the bookings and they will be chargeable.
    The rates above are applicable for the make-up of bride only. Make-up of brides maid and other attendees will be charged extra .
  • Complete hair up-do trial session is chargeable.
  • Consultation over phone/email are complimentary in the bridal package, however the make-up and hair style will have to be suggested by the bride via photos. We will be able to make only suggestions based on the current photo of the bride.
  • Bridal hair and makeup typically take 3-3.5 hours on average to complete depending on the style. Blow dry is not included in any bridal or special event service, so hair must be 100% dry and ready to be worked on prior to start time.
  • We can only provide assistance with pinning dupatta/chunn and jewellery placement and pinning if the time permits. Please note that the safety pins, bindis, and any accessories needed for wardrobe and jewellery will have to be provided by the client only. Any such accessory if provided by us will be charged over and above the make-up charges.

Few tips to remember before the Occasion:

  • Have lot of juice and water to keep you hydrated before wedding and flush out all the toxins.
    Eat less salt and stick to fruits as much as possible.
  • Take trial make up session and get clicked so there is less chance for any mistakes.
  • Choose the colour of the outfit not because it is hot in trend but the colour makes you look bright.
    Make sure you click pictures of wearing the dress so that you know if this is what you want because lots of colours are not camera friendly.
  • Don’t take stress before wedding; you might end up looking one shade dark on you wedding.
    Organize and select everything a day before the day, there are less chances of mistakes when you are organized.
  • Keep a check-list of everything so that you don’t miss a small thing as applying an eye cream, it is totally worth it.

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