I am Image consultant, Professional Makeup Artist and Blogger by profession. I provide personal training for Body Language, Etiquette, Image Makeover, Personal Grooming, how to do Makeup, Easy Work Styling, Personal Styling, Corporate Image and Lifestyle Consulting. I have more than 10 years of experience and hundreds of happy clients. This Web page is specially created for making people understand the power of personal consulting and how it can turn the life upside down (In good ways of- course). I have designed packages keeping in mind the rush life people lead now, so that learning does not hamper work. You can either book one on one slot or you can choose online training method according to your suitability. My blog section will help you guide through a little on who I am. You can write on my personal email for more detail.

You can contact me at info@fuziailahi.com for any makeup queries or PR related requests. I will answer all queries and requests as soon as I can. If you would like to request a makeup tutorial or a product review, you can email me your requests.


Professional Makeup for Portfolio and Brides

Ladies, just think back to the most wonderful and exciting day of your life. Wasn’t it the one when you wanted to look your best? Which was that day? Your farewell party, your freshers party, your first date or your marriage day? Was something missing? May be your hairstyle was not the one you wanted or may be the lipstick color was wrong? Or the make-up was not matching with the dress you wore? All this stops right now. We have a perfect solution for all these woes. We not only help you look perfect but we also give you demo before to make sure you are satisfied with you look.

Image Consulting

“Dressed to Succeed” a phrase everyone has heard about. Does correct dressing help you in achieving success? Is it the physical image you present help you or is it the both your internal appearance and physical appearance which makes you successful? If you ask yourself this question you will get the answer, which says that a combination of correct etiquette, positive attitude, correct body language, and your dressing sense which helps you in getting what you want.

Workshops for Working Professionals

How many times have you felt that your work life balance is off-balance? That you are not able to meet the demands of your three bosses- wife, kids and your superior at office. Leading a stressful life where everyday you get Monday blues and wish that Sunday would come at least twice in a week. This is not because your work is stressing you but your attitude towards your work and peers at office. We have solution for all your problems.

Workshops for women

I am late for my date with my husband. It has been so long since the two of us went out for a dinner and I want to look special for him, but how? I am running late and he is waiting. Wish I would have been able to put that face-mask which would have atleast given a glow to my skin and then I could have done away with minimum of makeup but my son was crying and I had to take him out to the garden. We enable you to reach perfection in no time. 

Personal Guidance for Wardrobe Creations

It is said that women spend 80% of their dressing time on deciding What to Wear? If this is true then why is that 90% of the women still feel dissatisfied or unhappy when dressed up. They feel either under dressed or overdressed for the occasion. This is the most common problem with a woman although her wardrobe is full of clothes. The reason is that we women buy whatever catches our eyes without thinking whether it suits our body type, our coloring, our looks or not. We work closely with you and assemble a wardrobe which can be worn in various ways. 

Personal Assistance on Time Management

After another day, I am feeling tired and frustrated. Another day is over but work, Is it over? No. After a long grueling day at both office and home, we always feel that 24 hours is very less time. Another 24 hours mean need to complete today’s work also and a new set of work, but time is again limited, just 24 hours. How to do it? Just thinking about is giving stress and time seems to move even faster, isn’t it? Ever wondered how many people are able to do so many things at time and still manage to lead a stress free life and play golf. They apply a practical fundamental of Time Management. Time Management is nothing but getting 48 hours work done in just a span of 24 hours.

Book Personal Consulting Session, Don’t think too much. This moment is right for you to make change in your life.