Why I Stopped Blogging ? Life of a Blogger is not Easy.

Maintain a balance in your life and you will lead a successful life, who says this? I spent half of my life balancing work, family and personal life, finally came to a conclusion balance does not exist. This is 30th year of life and still in dilemma. People actually call me crazy but I am alright with a tag, I fully accept and take responsibility of my life.
Couple of years have gone in setting up my work, ended up founding one company, co founding one and being one of most important part in family business, Image Consultant, Professional Makeup Artist, Fashion and Beauty Blogger, I have been working in all dimensions successfully. Now people tell me that I have no time for them. I answer them back saying, If I had time I will start writing again. I stopped blogging because I was bored of writing for some time, I got lot of email saying they missed my views and reviews on products and beauty but I couldn’t do it because I just made that my last priority to be honest. I couldn’t give fake reviews after just trying the products for couple of time, I like to go in depth and study and then give my opinion. As an Image Consultant, My words are taken seriously and followed after and I didn’t want to mess with confidence that people have on me. I took several years to understand how thing works, how to deal with people.

I will write in this segment the real experiences that I have on daily basis, and to let you know that I am no different from you. Work, setting up new business, marriage has practically left me exhausted; finally I have found my way through. I go aggressive sometime, extremely loud and clear by nature, I have new troubles everyday and I love to face them.

Let’s start this crazy journey where we will be friends talk to each other, share experience, laugh together and have fun.

I will blog weekly not only on beauty and fashion but on real experiences. Stay tuned for the craziest ride ever.

With Lots of Luv,


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