Whats in the sparkling fab bag 2014?

I just received  my Fab bag of this month. This month is no special its the same as the previous month. Lets see what’s inside this New Fab bag. I love the colour and it looks really classy, Matches with the season. I feel like changing my makeup kit . I am absolutely in love with my new Dark Blue coloured Fab bag. The contents of this month’s Fab Bag are Just Herbs skin care kit, Alphanso Hand Cream and Sea Soul CC cream.

The Fab Bag

Fab bag

Alphonso Hand Cream

apricot scrub
apricot scrub

Mango, My favourite and I guess everyone’s favourite. As soon as I read ‘Mango’ I was overwhelmed and wanted to try it out eagerly. The moment I opened the bottle I smelled it first and I got that mango and butter mixture smell which was totally reviving , Refreshing and restoring. Hand cream is suppose to absorb on the palm area and this cream does it well. Absorbs quickly and doesn’t leaves our hands oily. It leaves the skin moisturised without leaving it oily and greasy. The ingredients are mango butter, olive oil, sesame oil, stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, glycerine , triethanolamine, e-wax, methylisothiazolinone, phenoxyethanol and fragrance.

 CC Cream Complete Coverage Corrector SPF 20

Seasoul Cc cream

I got a full size Sea soul CC cream which matches my skin tone. It is for all skin types. This cream helps to improve Discoloration, Corrects Blemishes, Minimizes Oil production, Lightens and brightens, Provides sheer coverage, hydrating and moisturizing. It has came up with Spf 20 Free from all the harmful chemicals  Very excited to use this.

Just Herbs:


Just herbs fab bag

Next i got is this Just herbs box which contains

6 steps for organic skin care regime which includes,

  • Step 1 silk splash Rehydrant Facewsh
  • Step2 apricot sparkle skin radiance scrub
  • Step 3 Nourishing massage cream
  • Step 4 protein fairness pack
  • Step 5 sun Protection Lotion
  • Step 6 Skin lightening cream

Step 1: Silk Splash Rehydrant Facewash

Step 1 Face wash

Here i saw the Step1 silk splash rehydrant face wash that contained neem-bitter orange. It is to be used daily . the colour of the facewash is orange and the smell is mainly of neem. As everyon e knows neem  proves to be miracle for problematic skin its all because of its antifungal and anti-bacterial properties. Neem is a bone to oily,acne prone skin. Hence this facewash is very effective. If we look to the ingredients the ingredients includes orange peel extract, neem extract, aloeveera leaf juice, sandalwood extract, canedula extract and cucumber extract.

Step2: Apricot Sparkle Skin Radiance Scrub

Step 2 Apricot scrub

The Step 2 of the kit contains a skin radiance scrub which is of apricot. It has the whole apricot smell in it. The high level of antioxidants that are present in apricots are beneficial not only in avoiding cancer and aiding the process of cell growth, but it is also highly valuable for maintaining skin health. The antioxidants in apricots reduce the risk of ageing and help to make the skin appear taut and shining. The good level of Vitamin A content also ensures that the skin is free from acne and other such problems. Hence this scrub is very effective.  The main ingredients are Apricot kernel oil, walnut shell grains.

Step 3: Nourishing Massage Cream

step 3 massage cream

The step 3  nourishing cream contains all herbal ingredients like chandan,ashwagandha, Sandalwood extract etc. The smell is very refreshing and vibrant, It has a strong smell of chandan. Can be used daily.  Chandan cleans your face and gives you a fresh look. Skin problems like pimples, dark circles which is quite common in teenagers can be treated through chandan . hence this massaging cream is in my backpack already.

Step 4: Fairever Protien Fairness Pack

Fairever protien Fairness pack

This protein fairness pack has a very soothing smell. It has some evaporated milk,certifies organic veg, glycerine, certified organic aloevera leaf juice, cucumber extract , Indian Volcanic clay and china clay . This makes a very beneficial fairness pack.

Step 5: Sun Protection Lotion

Sun protection lotion

I am totally in love with the smell of the lotion, it is a sun protection lotion with key ingredients jojoba oil,grapessed oil, aloevera leaf juice , green tea extract , wheat herm oil, soy lecithin, carortseed oil, psoralea seed extract, can be used daily.

Step 6 : Skin Lightening Cream

Skin Lightening cream

Theres a skin lighting cream, and its smell is full of cucumber . The key ingredients of the skin lightening cream is jojoba oil, shea butter and many more essential ingredients which are really great for the skin and hence this cream is too appropriate as a lightening cream.

Overall I liked all the products, will review each product in detail, so keep watching the space for more reviews..

Luv u all

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