Is Bioderma- Sensibio H2O the best makeup remover?

I never knew what is makeup remover meant until I got into makeup. My first experience with makeup remover was horrible as I have a very sensitive skin and it almost burnt my eyes. I struggled many times choosing what will suit on my skin. I almost had switched to makeup removing wipes but in India we don’t have many options available in wipes. I had heard about Bioderma- Sensibio H2O from many of my blogger friends but never thought of trying. So finally I shopped for it online and then forgot about it.

It was pleasant surprise to get it. I almost died of joy when I used it for the first time. Probably for the first time my family saw my happy dance. It didn’t burn my eyes at all. It was so soothing that I have not touched any product after that.

Now I can proudly say Bioderma- Sensibio H2O is the best make-up remover so far. I am very happy to get home and to remove my makeup without any fear now a day.


What is so Special in Bioderma- Sensibio H2O?

 Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution is water based, very mild, non-rinse, fragrance-free makeup remover. It is best for those who have very sensitive skin, the alcohol-free formula soothes and calms the skin down while it gently removes the gunk out of your face. It does remove all kind of make-up even water resistant mascara as well.


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