Wedding Preparation Guide for Brides- Tips and Tricks for Help

Start to prepare yourself at least 60 days before-  Your body has no idea how much stressed you are going to be in few months while doing shopping, visiting relatives, distributing invitation, internal fears and lots of other stuff.  By the time you finish your wedding preparation and sit at home for all those luxury facials and spa sessions, you are very late and have done lot of damage already. Start taking care of few things even if you are busy with lot of things, here is a quick tip guide

  • Take time and sit down for some time and think about important things that you always wanted to do for your wedding. Do you want your skin to be flawless? Or teeth to be more brightened for that lovely smile? Want to shed some weight and tone down a bit, all these issues can be resolved if you start planning to do it couple of months before. The first step to get result is to plan things properly.
  • Apply sunscreen before stepping out, no matter what. Always wear light colored cloth as they absorb less sunlight and also wear sunglasses. Get tan is easy but removing tan is the most difficult issue so try and beat it in advance.
  • Finding perfect gift for every in-law can be a task, no matter how busy you are never settle for quick burgers instead eat salads, fruit yogurt or south Indian quick meals.
  • If you are stepping out for the entire day, always have nimbu pani, nariyal pani, lassi, butter milk or fresh fruit juices. Keep loading your stomach with the liquid. Lot of time we know this but we don’t follow but trust me it does help in your skin hydration.
  • After you reach home always apply homemade anti-tan mask before you sleep, you surely don’t want to look tan the next day. Eat lot of yogurt, apply it to your face, it does magic in removing tan.
  • Dry brush every single day, your visits to spa has some time but dry brushing can be done every time you shower. Dry brushing has several benefits, it helps fighting cellulite and get rid of dead layer of your skin.
  • Moisturise your skin completely either with oil or with your favorite body butter. We generally moisturize our face but many times we skip moisturising our body, that’s actually a crime to our skin.
  • Make body scrub at home and use it once a week, you will be amazed how skin will become in few weeks.
  • Apply hair mask once a week, while you are following your favourite series on TV. Do multi-tasking as there are already hundred things running in your mind.
  • Make sure when you are sleeping, the room is completely dark and you have no cellphone to check your whatsapp. As a special bride, you need a very good sleep, while your skin will repair itself. I am sure you wouldn’t like eye bags or dark circles on your wedding day.
  • Keep a diary, we all know we can’t remember everything, so it is better to write it in a diary and keep it with you. For example plan your eating schedule in advance so that you don’t forget to drink 2 glasses of fruit juices that you wanted. Keeping a diary will help you a lot and you can write small things like body scrubbing tomorrow.
  • If you already have planned you honeymoon, it is the best time to pack your honeymoon bag before to save the hassle. Decide and try out the look and pack it on daily wear order. It will not only make you tension free but also will give you enough time to change your mind about certain look that you want to recreate.
  • Always shop for a footwear in the afternoon to avoid shoe bite situation because that time of the day your feet are at the maximum size. Go for comfortable yet trendy footwear which can be mixed and match later after your wedding. If you are not sure how comfortable you will be walking in 6 inches heels. I would suggest you to go for platform heels as they will give the maximum support. Practice to walk and stay in the heel for few hours before the function.
  • Plan in advance and be less stressed. I have seen many brides are taking too much stress and breaking out the day of their wedding. Makeup also would not help you if you are not helping yourself. It’s all right if few things are missed out. We are all humans and we accept that we do mistakes.
  • We surely cannot skip this topic. Set up an appointment with the doctor and learning about the various options for birth control. You can tell the doctor about any concerns you have about birth control (such as weight gain, mood swings) and she can suggest the type of birth control that meets your needs. This is one of the major worry every girl has, discussing it with your partner and then visiting a doctor is the best option.
  • Get to know about your in-laws, and ask lot of questions from your partner. It will really help you if you know what their morning routine is or how they spend their afternoon. It will save your time if you know little about everything. Settling yourself at a new place is not easy and this is what most of the brides are worried about. When in doubt simply ask.
  • Plan your routine in advance in your new house, involve your partner in planning as well. Lot of time, just after honeymoon when actually settle in your new life it becomes so unmanageable that you end up fighting. Addressing these issues will give you peace afterwards.

Handling a situation before it occurs is a smarter way to live. I hope these points will help you less stress free new life.

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