Nail Care and Simple Steps to Fabulous Manicure

Manicure at home while you are watching your favorite series on TV is bliss for every women. But lot of time we get confused what steps to follow as there are many. Lot of times we forget the core problem. Sometime our nails are stained because of constant use of nail paint, other time cuticles are excessive dry, or maybe your hand  just need pampering .

 There are few tricks to maintain healthy nails:

  • Use whitening toothpaste, if you nails are stained. Apply the toothpaste evenly on your nails, let it dry for ten minutes and wash off. It really helps in making nails whiter.
  • Use Baking Soda and Hydrogen per Oxide soak to get rid of tan and to clean nails.
  • Use Tea Tree Oil in the soak as Tea Tree Oil has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties.
  • Scrub your hand once a week with Olive oil, brown sugar and some lemon juice.
  • Apply hand cream many times during the day as washing hands leads to dryness.
  • Always apply strengthening base coat to protect your nails.

In this article my motive is not to show you how to do manicure, but what kind of care your nail want at different times. I am addressing one issue here, which is Stain nail. Constant coloring has discolored my nails. Here in few simple steps i have got rid of my problem.

Manicure Steps

Starting with clean nails with no nail paint on, removing all the cuticles with the cuticle cutter. Applying some whitening toothpaste followed by Baking Soda, vinegar and Hydrogen per Oxide soak for brightening the nails.

Manicure Steps

I always make sure that I apply nail strengthening base coat, here I have applied Essie’s Rock Solid as a base. After applying the base coat I have applied Lakme’s Fast & Fabulous Going Green color. On Ring finger I have La Splash’s Gold Shimmer. 

Lakme Fast & Fabulous Nail Paint





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